Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Bone Bomb

So it finally came. After many twists and sprains, bruises and lumps, cuts, grazes, SF street back burns, one-month-long migraines and unexplained incapacitations, I finally broke something outright. Shredding Stockwell with Seth and Jacob Kit, I bailed a 50-50 on one of the steep quarters, stepped off gracefully, only to find my board unexpectedly under my feet once again... I went down pretty quickly.

I'm so glad Seth was there to help out and get me to the hospital. I thought it was dislocated at first. We even considered trying to pull it back into place ourselves.

The guy at the Urgent Injury clinic at St Thomas' A&E was very helpful indeed but confirmed the worst. Distal radius off-ended with a pretty awkward dislocation. My fingers were going blue by this point as the nerves, ligaments and all the piping through my wrist were being strangled.

After a quick bit of surgery the next day I was feeling pretty whacked out but did manage to wake up to some pretty faces.

Here you can see where they performed the Carpal tunnel decompression (to release the nerves etc) and some other roadworks relating to ligaments. I just have one bit of wire holding on what was left of the end of the radius. I also have a good supply of pain killers which are helping out pretty well...